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Banner Ads offer your company the best possible advertising experience when marketing to Seniors. is the number one site on the internet for 55+ customers looking for new or used mobile and manufactured homes throughout the US.

Thousands of seniors live in mobile home communities, and the Baby Boomers are just around the corner! Now you can reach the multitudes of older adults and their children, by advertising on Your Business or Product will be accessible from every home listed for sale or rent, in the cities or states you choose, with a direct link to your web site.

We absolutely dominate the internet for senior citizens buying and selling mobile and manufactured homes and there is no Web Site or even print publication that reaches as many of these buyers and sellers as We are consistently number one on both Google and Yahoo under "Senior Mobile Homes and "Senior Manufactured Homes". These are the customers you want to reach, and this is the place to reach them!

You will be especially impressed with the price! There are four affordable options available, depending on the level of your needs.  Banner ads will operate in rotation on all of the important, and most viewed, web site pages.

  • Advertise locally in up to 6 cities in one state for a low 6 month rate of $199 or a full year for only $299


  • Advertise in as many cities as you would like in up to two states for a low six month rate of $299 or a full year for only $499.


  • Advertise nationally in all cities, where we have home listings, for only $499 on a six month ad or, for a bargain price of $799 for a full year, your banner ad can be listed in communities throughout the country!

Expand your internet presence with a company that ranks high in the search engines and can guarantee your business the attenion you want, and target the exact market and customers you need.

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The form below allows you to choose the advertising options you want and to pay for them with your credit card online. Due to the fact that your information is being sent over a secure connection you may get a few security warnings. This is normal.

If you choose the nationwide option your ad will appear in all cities now listed and in future cities as they are added.

If you choose the option of advertising in one or more cities in up to two states, you will first choose the state you want, and then highlight one or more of the cities, within that state.

Click on the top arrow (pointing right) and it will place that city in the chosen cities box. Go back and do the same with any or all cities needed. When the city or cities have been chosen, then go back to the state listings and click on another state (if you wish to advertise in two states). If you make a mistake and choose a city you do not want, merely highlight that city in the cities chosen box and click on the bottom arrow pointing left to remove it. That city will then go to the bottom of the cities list. When you are done, continue to the billing information area.

If you choose more than two states, it will be assumed that you wish the nationwide option and you will be contacted for verification before your ad is activated. Activation will take up to 24 hours and if there are any questions or questionable material submitted, you will be contacted.

Advertising locally in up to 6 cities in one state is perfect for the advertiser who wants to advertise effectively and economically in their local area.  This option includes a banner ad that will appear in up to 6 cities of any one state. 

If you experience any problems or have questions, please feel free to contact us at (772) 617-2924. We are available M-F, 9 AM to 5PM Eastern time and look forward to speaking with you. Thank you.

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