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Mobile Homes for Seasonal Living

Published: January 4, 2011 Mobile Homes for Seasonal Living

Many of today's seniors and retirees like to spend the winter someplace warmer, but don't want to give up their primary residence.  Mobile homes make perfect second homes for older adults.  They are affordable, comfortable, safe, often furnished, and are abundant in states such as Florida, Arizona, Nevada and California.  Furthermore, they are usually located in parks with many amenities of interest to seniors and in cities that welcome them.  Age qualified adults often choose senior communities where they can form new friendships and take advantage of opportunities and activities that would not be available during the winter in cold weather states.  Living in a warm climate during the winter allows seniors to golf, play tennis, walk, play shuffleboard, swim, etc.  It's a healthier atmosphere and most of these popular southern and western states offer lots of attractions for retirees.  Snow birds (as they are affectionately called) migrate each year and offer a boost to the local economy, so they are appreciated by the locals.

The primary advantage of owning a mobile home as a seasonal dwelling, is convenience.  If the mobile home is in a mobile home park, most have security patrols and staff that maintain the grounds throughout the year.  The homes are close enough together that neighbors who live there full time often keep an eye on the vacant homes and most know how to contact the owner if there is a problem.  A second home allows seniors the opportunity to keep their primary residence close to friends and family, yet have a winter retreat with like-minded adults.   Many people travel between homes for decades.  It is truly the best of both worlds!  

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