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Buying a Condo in Florida

Published: January 23, 2011 Buying a Condo in Florida

If you are thinking about retiring to Florida, or contemplating buying a second home there, you should consider some of the advantages.  Many seniors find condo living to be convenient and attractive, for these reasons:

  • There are a lot of beautiful condo complexes in Florida, and you can enjoy warm weather in the winter.
  • You will have a choice of buying a condo in a seniors only complex or in a complex with no age restrictions. 
  • If you buy a condo you will most likely have neighbors close by.  Some may be there year round and some may be seasonal.  Having full time neighbors that will keep an eye on your property can make an absentee owner feel better.  Also, condominium buildings often have security features.  They may be gated, or have guards that keep an eye on the property.
  • Most condos have amenities such as swimming pools, clubhouses, organized activities, etc.
  • At the current time there is an overabundance of condos, so the prices are much lower than they have been in the immediate past.  You may be able to get a really good deal.
  • Your utility bills may be lower because you share walls with your neighbors.
  • Because you will pay an association fee, the outside maintenance will not be a problem.  The grounds will be maintained, and you won’t have any concern about taking care of the pool, etc.  If a new roof is needed the association will take care of that.
  • Unlike apartment living, every condo owner is a member of the condo association, which also has an elected board. The association will enforce bylaws, handle maintenance and repair issues, and deal with disputes with developers or between unit owners.  So you will have a say in the future of your complex.

Buying a condo offers an advantage over renting because it is yours to do with as you please.  If you want to put pictures on the wall, they are your walls.  If you want to paint or remodel the kitchen, you can usually do so without asking for permission.  Condos are often in the nicest part of town, or directly on the beach, because builders can afford a good location with less land cost.  If you do your homework, you may find that a condo is the perfect home, or second home, for you.

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